Why is my cat holding his head to the right & walking sideways?

Asked by unregistered 5 years ago cat

Karen Gamarsh
My 8 year old, 8 lb. Female cat had the same problem this week. I found her under a table in the basement crying loudly. She was walking like she was drunk and was clearly afraid. Her pupils were dilated and her eyes were darting back and forth. Took her to the vet and she found nothing wrong: Blood, urine and other tests showed no abnormality. Vet said that this is a vestibular (part of the ear that controls balance) issue that comes on suddenly, usually in July and August with dogs and cats that go outside. It is considered Ideopathic (no known cause) but always resolves itself over time. She gave me motion sickness pills for humans that she purchased at the local pharmacy and said to give her half a pill each day. She also advised me to roll up a blanket to surround her sleeping area and give her a sense of security. Of course the cat cannot go outside and has to be kept away from stairs until she gets over it.

by Karen Gamarsh 2 years ago

Emma Casey
My cat is walking side ways and not eating, just not herself over$1200 dollars for the vets to say meh! Don't know what's wrong I don't want to put her down

by Emma Casey 4 years ago

Ann Falk, DVM
This could be a vascular event (stroke), traumatic event, toxin exposure, brain tumor, infectious disease, inner ear infection, or metabolic disease.  Your cat needs to be examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause and start appropriate treatment.

by Ann Falk, DVM 5 years ago

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Why is my cat holding his head to the right & walking sideways?

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