Is it safe to clean a dogs ears with hydrogen peroxide?

Asked by Matt 6 years ago ear cleaning

It is not advisable to clean a dogs ear with peroxide. I also do not agree with putting any sort of oil down the ear or even water. Many (or even most) ear infections are caused by water sitting in the ear. If you cannot get an approved cleaner from your Veterinarian, a mixure of vinegar and alcohol is alright to use. Alcohol dries up any water and the vinegar changes the pH of the ear to make it less appealing to bacteria and yeast. I would get the cleaner though, vinegar does not smell so nice in the ear. ;) Oh, make sure the cleaner you get has a "drying agent" in it. No washes, they just require you to buy the rinse to use after the wash. Mo Money, mo problems.

by Cassidy 5 years ago

Hydrogen peroxyde can cause serious damage to the dogs ear.

Dogs ears are extremely sensitive, therefore if you clean them with this chemical, you are putting un necessary toxins into the dogs ear, i would be very cautious on doing so.

I would suggest using mineral or baby oil, it loosens up the dirt and such in the dogs ears, plus, it is not a toxin, but still be cautious when clening their ears. The oil will help soften and remove any ear mites, (if the dog has them)

by Tiffany 6 years ago

Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean your dog's ears.  These chemicals can be ototoxic.  You can use a combination of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water.  The best cleaner to use is one bought at the pet store or your veterinarian's office.

by Advm 6 years ago

I get dog ear cleaner from the vet, however there is special cleaner sold at local pet stores that is also good for their ears. I was personally told not to use peroxide in my dog's ears. The cleaner is inexpesive to buy and much safer and soothing for the dog.

by Carrie 6 years ago

It is always best to consult your vet or, in this case, a dog grooming service for the best advice.  However, as a general rule hydrogen peroxide is safe as long as you are using it with a cotton bud or ball and you are careful not to use too much.  Don't saturate the cotton, press out any extra hydrogen peroxide before starting to clean.  You don't want to leave excess moisture in your dogs ears.

by Guenevere 6 years ago

The short answer is yes! Now here's the longer answer; you should clean your dog???s ears at least every four to six weeks, using hydrogen peroxide, available at any chemist/drug store.  Simply dip a cotton ball or bud into the peroxide and squeeze out any excess liquid. Then, gently clean the visible portion of your dog???s ears.  Just like humans though, be sure not to push the bud into the actual ear canal, as it may force ear wax further into the ear. As long as it???s done properly and regularly, your dog should get used to the ear cleaning procedure, and not resist in any way.  Giving her a treat at the end wouldn???t hurt either!

by Saffron 6 years ago

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Is it safe to clean a dogs ears with hydrogen peroxide?

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